The Sleepy EP

by Over The Falls

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Our first release, The Sleepy EP was recorded in 2 sleepless days up at The Pus Cavern in Sacramento, the very same place we would go a year and a half later to record our full length album (in 5 days!)


released November 10, 2009


Bret Fontaine- guitars, vocals
Tim Bastianon- bass guitar, vocals
Ryan Alderman- drums
Chris Rodgers- vocals

All songs by Over The Falls ©2009

Produced by Over The Falls

Recorded and mixed at The Pus Cavern, Sacramento
by Joe Johnston


all rights reserved



Over The Falls Santa Rosa, California

A better Band than you'd think.

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Track Name: Wankers (Welcome to our EP)
We are Over The Falls,
and Welcome to the Sleepy E.P. (Welcome to our E.P.)
You may think this song's too long,
It sounds just right to me (and me, and me, and me)

Whoa-Oh... Whoooooaaa-Oh
How's that for harmony?

You might like this band
You'll probably love these songs
You'd better come to all our shows and
Track Name: Bad Dreams
Get Up! Wake Up! (x3)

Get Up! Wake Up!
You're late for work
You're late for work

Get to WORK!

Aww, You've done it now.
You'll never make it at this rate!
Might as well lay your head down,
On that pillow, and go back to...

Get to WORK!

Now I know you don't wanna go to work,
But you got to,
Yes you got to.

Get to WORK!
Track Name: Malabarismo
I arrived at the crossroads,
The hour late.
I stood in the cold,
Cursin' my fate.
I called to the beast,
To show Himself.
I offered my soul,
To add to His wealth.

No time for deviations,
Or soulful contemplations

He stepped from the shadows,
Sportin' that grin.
Well I took that
As my cue to begin.
I won't dual you, or your golden fiddle
And you won't speak in dual entendre riddles.

No time for deviations,
Or soulful contemplations

When I leave, I'll leave with a smile,
Cause Sucka, I'm gonna walk with your guile.
These are my terms, now Do we have a deal?
Turns out we did, our handshake was the seal.
So you old devil, I got your charm.
Til I give it back you'll do no harm.
While we're at it, I think you lost your appeal.
Let me break it down to you, the raw deal.

You just got played.
Now it's your turn to burn.
Told you it'd be this way,
Everyone keeps what they earn.

So that's when I looked him square in the eye,
Got a good footing and testified. (Got a good footing and...)
As if lightning struck where the suzerain stood,
Dropped him as well as any man could.
While I watched that bastard fall to his knees,
I have to admit, I felt some relief. (I have to admit it felt good)
Cause I really hadn't planned past this part,
And I just got a much needed head-start.

No time for deviations,
Or soulful contemplations

For the devil, you see,
He's after me
Track Name: Too Tired To Sleep
Too tired to sleep

I use illusion
Stops all confusion
Upward solution
Face-first contusion

Too tired to sleep

Don't I love you?
Don't you need it? (Don't you need it?)
On my mantle,
Can't you see it? (Can't you see it?)

You take the sorrow
You take the pain.
We lie, to lie again. (x2)

Get up, and get dressed...
Another day to get all those wonderful
Thoughts off your chest.
But what would you do,
If I told you,
That everything you feared were true?
Would you rejoice?
Or panic?
Sit up in your tower,
Or cower in fear?

I think the latter...

You take the sorrow
You take the pain.
We lie, to lie again. (x4)
Track Name: So Far, So Good
Chris almost died,
But he survived.
I almost died,
But he survived.

Ankles... Survived.
Abscess... Survived.
Band saw... Survived.
Snowboards... Survived... so far.

Yeah, he's made it so far...

Chris almost died,
But he survived.
I almost died,
But he survived.

I been poisoned twice.
Driven off a cliff.
Bret and I were almost hit by an airplane...
Once we even dodged the same bullet.

Birds... Survived.
Bees... Survived.

Avian assassins diving from the sky,
As it just so happens, they've come to get this guy.
They scream "Murder!"
They cry for death,
And I swear they may get me yet.

Ankles... Survived.
Abscess... Survived.
Birds! Survived.
Taco to the Eye!

I Almost Died!

But I Survived!